Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Off We Go

One trip down, many more to go. I have to say Florida was a lot of fun. The weather is beautiful there and so are the people. It takes about 14 hours for us to drive from Nashville to Tampa and, fortunately, there are plenty of drivers in the group. As of right now, we travel with 6 people (the 5 of us and our sound man extrordinare, Darren "D-money" Whorton) so we get around well. After taking a couple of wrong turns, we finally made our way to the Northwest Church of Christ where we sang for an energetic 500+ crowd comprised of mainly youth groups and sponsors. We then drove to Englewood, FL where we were loved on by Garry and Joy Clark and the members of the Fellowship Church there. We had a fun battery experience at the first of the 2 church services we sang for. We got the wrong batteries for our mics and in-ear monitors (or "ears" as we call them) and did the "I-need-a-new-battery-but-it's-the-middle-of-a-song" dance. God intervened and got us through that concert without too much embarrassment. We got better batteries for the next service and had a great time with the people there. After eating at "The Fishery," we drove across the Everglades to Boca Raton for our third concert of the day. We got the pleasure of hearing the Brazilian Gospel Union before we sang. BGU was very good and we wish them the best as they strive to raise funds for their upcoming album.
Speaking of albums, we've been finishing our upcoming album since we got back from Florida. I think I can describe it in one word...WOW!!! The new album is incredible. The songs get back to the older Acappella sound with our own little twist here and there. Keith Lancaster has written all but one song for the album (which his son, Anthony, wrote). Some of the songs sound like they should have been on earlier albums but they fit very well together to create a new energetic vibe that has quickly become the Acappella trademark in our live concerts. I have some pictures but I'm having trouble getting them downloaded from my computer. I'll try to get them on soon. Have a great weekend and may God bless you all!
Under His wing

Rom 8:28

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Road Before Us

It's Wednesday night before our first trip of the year and, in true Acappella fashion, we're going through lots of trials and transitions. It was announced today that Gary Evans has left the group. As a group, we are going to miss him terribly. Personally, I have grown to love him like one of my best friends. He's got the heart of a servant, he always gets the job done no matter what that job is. He's a warrior for the Lord (and he sings real good too). I'm gonna miss him like crazy. Fret not, however. The very talented and faithful Allen Brantley from Birmingham, Alabama has graciously stepped into the "bass-ment" to hold it down on the low end. Allen is a great guy and an awesome asset to the group. I want to ask that you all pray for Gary and his future endeavors, for Allen and his new position, and Acappella Ministries as we strive to spread God's word.
I need to add a couple more prayer requests to your lists if you don't mind. I received a phone call today with a message that Rosemarie Scott, my high school voice teacher, was found dead in her home yesterday. This comes as a huge surprise to everyone who knew her, especially my high school choir director, Johnny Miller. Mrs. Scott was like a mother to Mr. Miller and I know this is a devastating loss to him. Please pray for her family, Mr. Miller, and all her students. Pray a special prayer for the student(s) who found her yesterday. I'm sure they are traumatized.
The other request is for my dad, B.C. Brannon. Dad has been a preacher longer than most of my friends' parents have been alive. He was baptized by Marshall in the early 1940's and started preaching in October of 1943. Needless to say, he's seasoned. The prayer request is for his health. He's not feeling too great now. He has strange pains all over his body, he gets fatigued easily and he basically has no cartilage in his right knee. He is 86 years old and I often wonder how much longer he'll be around. I don't mean to bring everyone down. I'm just asking for prayer for him and my family.
On a happier note, we're doing our first road trip of the year this weekend. Florida, here we come! It's going to be a long weekend but it's definitely gonna be worth it. I'll try to get some pics and log them next week.
Eph. 2:8

Friday, January 13, 2006

Acappella: The Journey Continues

Hey everybody! Welcome to my new blog. I'm gonna do my best to keep you updated on our Acappella journey. You might see serious moments from the road. You'll more likely see a bunch of funny stuff. I'll always try to send some type of encouragement in each posting and I'd love to hear from you. Feedback can be a great tool for Acappella Ministries to grow. I'll get some pictures posted soon, but in the meantime, check out for info about the group and when we'll be close to you. If we're not close enough to you, contact Rhonda Coleson and let's see about Acappella coming to your town soon. May God bless you this week and keep you safe as you strive to please Him.
Under His wing,
Robin C. Brannon