Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Family Ties

I had the priviledge to visit Portland, OR over the past weekend and it is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. I got to spend time with some folk that I really care about and met some new folk that I have come to care about a lot too. To those of you whom I got to hang with, even for just a little while, you're great people and I have every confidence that your lives will be richly blessed.

There was one momentous event that I will always remember and I want to share it with you. For the first time in my recollection, I got to spend time with both of my remaining brothers at the same time! I know that sounds weird and messed up considering how much I love and respect my family. Anyone who knows me knows that my family means more than almost anything to me. So I called my oldest brother, Bobby (Bob) and we, along with his son, Nathan, his daughter, Jennifer, and my dear friend, Aleisha, went to my other brother, Robert's house. We all spent time talking about our lives and our other brothers who have gone home and our careers and I learned so much. I learned how much my brothers remind me of my dad. Robert looks and sounds a lot like my dad 20 years ago. Bobby speaks and acts just like my dad always has. I also learned that Robert and I have a lot of the same musical taste. We both love Tower of Power! He has (or at least had, at one point) everything they ever released. Now, that's a collection!

We had a great time together and then it was over. Nate, Jenn, Bobby and I had to go our separate ways so we said our goodbyes and told each other we would keep in touch. Robert had one slightly peculiar request of me before it was all overwith. He asked me to pray for him. That made me really happy. He wants to be the righteous man I know he can be and I'm so proud to be called his brother, regardless of his past or anything questionable that he may have gone through. So, my request for you is to join me in prayer for my brother, Robert, as well as my sister, Rahnee (sounds like Ronnie), that they can see Jesus in all their circumstances and rely completly on him to lift them up.

Peace, Love, and Chocolate