Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Big Ol' Double-Shot, part 1

Hey Kids! I know it's been a while, so here are a pair of blogs to kinda play catch-up for the last few weeks.

We got to visit northeastern Pennsylvania a couple weekends ago which landed us in Scranton, PA, home of Dunder and Mifflin Paper Company. Of course, “The Office” is filmed in California, but the city of Scranton is still capitalizing from the show’s success. So, for all you fans of “The Office,” we (Mark “Kix-in-the-Mix” Hixson and I) took a couple of pics that I thought would be fun to share. Most of them are kinda tough to see, so I’m posting some of the better ones. Hope you enjoy!

Kix wanted some pics with some of the characters from the show. 

Another shot with more “people” 

Kix at the “Crystal Club“

The famed “Farley’s Pub,” complete with Bouncer

We also had a great time in concert at the Spruce Lake Retreat in Canadensis, PA. We spent the day with a
great bunch of people celebrating Labor Day weekend. 

We had a total blast on this trip. We hope to see more of our Aca-friends soon at a concert near you!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate

A Big Ol' Double-Shot, part 2

I got to spend the majority of a week with Roo and her family in Myrtle Beach, SC. We were there until the day before Hurricane Hannah hit the coast. As a matter of fact, it had already started raining by the time we started driving back to Nashville. This is a shot of the beach the day before we left…

And this is the same beach the day we left…

What kind of mess is that, huh? God does some truly amazing things!

On the drive back, God started doing some amazing things in Steph’s and my relationship. God has this uncanny ability to teach people different things about ourselves that completely change the way we live. He did that with Stephanie and me over the last week and a half. He went to some crazy extremes to show us what we needed to learn. It’s an intriguing story, full of suspense, heartbreak, redemption, and reconciliation. She can tell this story much better than I, so I’ll post her story as soon as she posts it on her blog. What I will say is that He has totally changed the way she and I approach our relationship for the better…best! I’ll write more about this later. I’m excited to see where God is taking us!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate